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Vacu Active 5in1

  • Vacu Active 5in1
  • Vacu Active 5in1
  • Vacu Active 5in1
  • Vacu Active 5in1
Product can be ready 04.07.2022
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Description: Vacu Activ IQ 5 in 1 is: "Patented technology connection of runway, ionization, infrared IR, vacuum, phototherapy, aromatherapy and colortherapy all packed in high quality capsule. All functions in which Vacu Activ IQ 5 in 1 is equipped can operate independently or simultaneously with each other. This gives the compounded effects and loss of up to 5000 calories within 30 minutes
Simulator type: Combi
IR therapy: Infrared rays heat your body and dilate blood vessels. The result are increased blood flow and improved tissue oxygenation and blood supply. The skin turns red, which means that oxygen-rich blood reaches the places where it can often lacking in sufficient quantities. This process removes from the body of large amounts of toxins that remain in the deeper layers of skin. In the time of treatment infrared ray cleanse the skin and subcutaneous tissue from unnecessary toxins, resulting in firm, clear and healthy skin.
Training programs : - LED Photorejuvenation – collagen (Optional),
- Air Ionization,
- Infrared IR,
- Vacuum,
- Aromatherapy,
- Chromo therapy.
Vacuum simulators: Secret of effective therapy is using vacuum which increases fat burning. While person exercise pressure caused by vacuum improves blood circulation in skin and subcutaneous tissue in places where large amounts of fat accumulate. This are thighs, buttocks, waist and belly. Using vacuum also causes improved lymphatic circulation which is important in removing waste products from our body. As a result, skin is smoother and its firmness is improved also unnecessary centimeters are gone.
Manual programming: +
Vacuum stabilization system : +
Aroma therapy: Aromatherapy reduces cellulite, stretch marks, regenerates epidermis, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, accelerates the biological regeneration of muscles. Essential oils have different healing properties. They can act antiseptic, helps to fight viral and fungal infections, some of them show anti-inflammatory and analgesic, stimulates blood circulation and oxygenation. Essential oils have particular use in cosmetics. They stimulate cellular metabolism and improve skin texture. Their work involves rejuvenating by accelerating regenerative processes. Effect of oils on the psyche is also diverse: they can work relaxing or stimulant.
Color theropy: +
Collagen therapy: Optional
Ventilation: -
Control panel: +
Emergency stop system: +
More information: Chromotherapy
Chromotherapy helps in reducing the problems faced by every human body:
1. Energy reserves,
2. Immunity,
3. Mental wellbeing,
4. Metabolism,
5. The skin and tissue.
In these cases, we can influence by stimulating sites which are responsible for proper body functions such as energy centers (chakras), roads and energy points (meridians), and area of pulses and bodies.

Air Ionization
With air Ionization we can forget about constant fatigue, somnolence and malaise. Negative Ions also have positive effect on psychophysical body performance. In addition, air ionization effectively supplies air in healthy negative ions which causes closing of the sweat glands and pores of the skin.
Pulsometer: +
Maximum load: 200 kg
Control system: -
Cooling system: +
Height adjustment: -
Additional equipment: -
Weight: 245 kg
Size: -
Power: 3200W
Warranty period: 2 years

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