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The manufacturer warranty is applied to all goods, purchased in the company EL DORADO. The warranty period depends on the conditions of the manufacturer. The document confirming the guarantee is an official invoice or register receipt.

In case of special order, when the customer needs to make an advance payment (guarantee deposit) of 30% -50%, depending on the kind of goods, the depreciable value is paid by the customer upon receipt of goods, or if the customer is in another country, before the shipment from the ELDORADO SOLARIA stock. In this case the customer cannot use the right of abandonment of the goods by special order.

If the customer still refuses receiving the registered and prepared special order, the guarantee deposit is not refundable to the customer.

Due to the fact that the manufacturers of goods are constantly working on updating and improving of the goods, the company ELDORADO SOLARIA cannot guarantee the perfect accuracy of the information for the product updates on its website. Information about the products and prices on the website has primarily informative nature, and is not legally in force between the designers and visitors of the website.
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