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About us

The company EL DORADO was founded in 2007, as a manufacturing structure type (goods, services, trade) with high dynamics level of number of key business trends that are combined in structural units, in a single basic brand and strategic management system that allows all employees and all departments of the company to work in harmony, in unison, by successfully solving all sorts of problems to achieve the strategic goals of the company. In a relatively short period the company EL DORADO was able to achieve fairly good results in its work, and has become a stable authorized partner of such world-known companies as: MEGASUN, HAPRO, UWE, I.SO ITALIA, Dr. KERN, PANDA, EOS, VACUACTIV, EUROSUN, HR GROUP INC., LIGHTTECH, SUNMAX, NEW TECHNOLOGY, 7SUNS COSMETICS, SILCA, ARTECNO, BALTIC SUN STUDIOS ASSOCIATION, as well as several other international companies.

Today we are pushing forward to the dynamic growth and further development of all established business trends to improve the level of stability and quality in cooperation with our partners and, the main thing, to ensure reliability and high quality service to our customers. At the same time we highly appreciate and support the initiatives and new innovative ideas of our colleagues and partners who are oriented to the growth and development of our company. Therefore, we conduct a detailed study on the consumer market, the necessary researches, are developing the new innovative business trends, as well as the new, innovative and environmentally friendly products.


This business trend was developed on the basis of our belief that every modern company should tend to provide benefit and satisfaction not only to its owners and employees, but also to the entire society, to every person. And also on the basis of the belief that the ultimate value of every person is health as harmony of his physical, spiritual, intellectual, social position and quality of his living space. Therefore we tend to systematically provide our clients with a detailed information about the modern global developments and trends in the opportunities for preventive measures and ensuring a healthy living space. Accordingly, we tend to provide our customers with both traditional and modern innovative environmentally safe equipment, eco-friendly products, etc. that meet all the EU requirements and directives. ELDORADO presents «HEALTH & BEAUTY» with such categories of goods and services:
• Supply and trading of the equipment and configuration for the cosmetic rooms and beauty salons.
• Supply and trading of the lamps and its components, etc.
• Supply and trading of the solariums, its components and lamps, tanning cosmetics, etc.
• Supply and trading of the equipment for SPA salons.
• Supply and trading of the equipment for hairdressing saloons.
• Maintenance and repair of the solarium studios, hairdressing saloons, SPA and beauty salons.
• Medical aesthetics.
• Education.
• Consulting.




We believe that the profit taking, as the main goal for most companies, is an important part of the achievement of the more significant goal, which we define with such a broad concept, as achieving success. This is a broad concept for us – achieving success includes reaching of the variety of goals, both at the present time and in the longer term: TRUST AND RESPECT. We are ready to make a fierce effort to gain trust and respect of our customers, by raising the level of the services by providing them with the high quality products and services. To achieve this goal is also extremely important careful and caring attitude to the customer needs to clearly understand the essence of the arising issues and provide customers with the most effective solutions.

Profit taking, sufficient for financing of the growth and development of the company, as well as for financing of the new researches, projects, business trends, etc. is a fundamental guarantee of success. Therefore, profit taking is the most important component of success for us, both at the present time and in the longer term.

To use any market changes, including the changes, related to global economic crisis, as an opportunity for corporative growth of our company. On the basis of the detailed study and analysis of consumer demand to grow by systematically increasing the total sales of goods and services, operating both at the covered consumer markets, and at the new ones.

The effectiveness of the company starts with the motivated employees. It means that loyalty, professionalism and concernment of employees to achieve success is the key to this success. To provide employees with opportunities for growth, based on the results of their work. To create a safe, interesting and informative work environment, where the professionalism and individuality of each employee should be highly evaluated, their personal contribution should be acknowledged, the place for the work satisfaction should be.

- We are professionals, so we respect each other in our work.
- We highly appreciate and support the initiatives and new ideas of our colleagues and partners that are oriented to the growth and development of our company.
- We are attentive to the needs of our customers and tend to provide them with the products and services of the highest quality.
- We tend to introduce new advanced technologies to provide our clients with a complex of modern high quality services.
- We appreciate the tendency of our employees to improve their professional qualities and their working process.
- We encourage the professional growth of our colleagues and the development of the intellectual potential of our company.
Riga, Bikernieku 121H
Tel.. (+371) 67378866