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Inky Summer Time 150ml

  • Inky Summer Time 150ml
Product can be ready 22.02.2024
Product available
Country of origin: USA
Manufacturer: 7Suns Cosmetics
Capacity: 150 ml
Description: holidaymakers dark bronzer
Get a truly holiday tan with a unique combination of cosmetic bronzers and natural ingredients, which accelerates the tanning process.

- Enriched with exotic fruit extracts to provide your skin with a huge dose of vitamins and give you energy for the whole long day.
- Firm and smooth skin thanks to Firm & Tight and Super Smooth complex.
- Perfectly prepares the skin for subsequent tanning sessions (not only indoor!).
More: Application:
evenly applied to the skin before session solarium.
For external use only. Does not contain UV filters. Avoid contact with eyes.

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