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Studio Control Manager 7.0

  • Studio Control Manager 7.0
Product available
Connection with PC: USB 2.0
Platform: MS Widows
Description: The Studio Control Manager system by ELDORADO SOLARIA is completely autonomous and allows for simultaneous management of unlimited number of devices. The system’s basic configuration may be improved through 1st level programming, which lets the user manage various discounts and promotional campaigns, assortment of goods and services, lamp replacement resource, and reveals many other possibilities. The owner of the studio is granted full control over the operation of one or several studios and has a variety of features at his disposal: the remote administration option, a full set of tools for managing statistical data such as load, turnover and profit for any desired period of time, forecasting tools and many more. Despite the high functionality and complexity of the system, it is extremely easy to use; its visual environment facilitates the familiarization with this program, thus allowing to master the necessary skills easily, even for a person with an inferior PC skill level. Optionally, 2nd level programming is also accessible, revealing a great deal of functions: synchronization with a cash register, issue and management of subscription cards, customer cards and gift cards; warehouse management, working with registers, etc. The basic system is being improved continuously with new applications and functions. Every customer gets the upgrades free of charge ever since the purchase of the product.
Warranty period: 2 years

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