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Main / Collatan lamps 0.3 W/m2 / Smart Sun 10, 25 W

Smart Sun 10, 25 W

  • Smart Sun 10, 25 W
Product can be ready 13.12.2021
Product available
Manufacturer: LightTech
Power: 25 W
UV-B [%]: 1.2
UV-A [W]: 3.6
Work cycle (hours): 500
Length [mm]:: 52
Colour: Red
UV+Collatan Complex: +
EU Standard: +
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With the lamps you will get:
-Purchase document
-Certificate to the lamp
-Passport to the solarium
-An official document on the disposal of old lamps
-Certificate of Conformity
EC standards
-Studio quality icon
-Member document of the association BSSA
-Placing information about the studio on official website BSSA

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