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Product can be ready 06.03.2024
Product available
Body lamps: -
Face lamps: -
Neck lamps: -
Shoulders lamps: -
Sunbed type: Horizontal
Functions, equipment: We offer solarium reconstruction into collagenarium. New innovative technology that allows to get the collagen bath in the solarium. Economical and very effective option to expand the range of services.
For more information, please contact the manager.
Dimensions: -
Protection: -
Power: -
More: Converted solarium into collarium.

5 beautiful reasons for get Collarium in the salon:
• Additional beauty treatment offer for tanners
• Allows skin rejuvenation in unused sunbeds
• Just change lamp and stock up on collagen
• Suitable for most devices
• Win new target groups

• Visible anti-aging effect
• Reduction of lines, especially eyes zone, neckline, area around mouth and lips
• Improvement of skin elasticity,
suppleness and firmness
• Renewal of collagen and elastin fibres
• Activation of the skin’s metabolism
• Promotion of a healthy skin
• No negative side effects or harm
• No pain
Warranty period: -

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