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Reccollarium Luxura Delta

  • Reccollarium Luxura Delta
  • Reccollarium Luxura Delta
Product can be ready 29.04.2024
Product available
Body lamps: 48 x 180W 2m
Face lamps: -
Neck lamps: -
Shoulders lamps: -
Sunbed type: Vertical
Functions, equipment: Hot air extract
Collagen lamp included
Dimensions: 135 x 299
Protection: 3 x 25A
Power: 9.5 kW
More: Converted solarium into collarium.

5 beautiful reasons for get Collarium in the salon:
• Additional beauty treatment offer for tanners
• Allows skin rejuvenation in unused sunbeds
• Just change lamp and stock up on collagen
• Suitable for most devices
• Win new target groups

• Visible anti-aging effect
• Reduction of lines, especially eyes zone, neckline, area around mouth and lips
• Improvement of skin elasticity,
suppleness and firmness
• Renewal of collagen and elastin fibres
• Activation of the skin’s metabolism
• Promotion of a healthy skin
• No negative side effects or harm
• No pain
Warranty period: 6 month

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