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Benessere Senso

  • Benessere Senso
Product can be ready 08.10.2019
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Manufacturer: I.SO Italia
Description: SENSO water-bed is made of anti-allergic plastic that has been designed with care and built using the latest anti-ageing techniques and materials.
The water temperature is electronically controlled at pre-set values and can be easily supervised by the operator from a control panel, where at the simple push of a button the 1 of 3 programs can be selected SENSO is equipped with an additional electronic control which regulates 160W collagen neon lamps that can be lit on demand, in conjunction with SCIC
Functions: LCD Screen
Button to Select Programs
Electronic Temperature Control
Mattress chromoterapy system + surroundings
Options: Electric Lift
Massage System
System With Collagen Neon Lamps
Aroma Diffuser
Dimensions, cm: 2110 x 920 x 830
Power: 2 kW
Warranty period: 2 года

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