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Benessere Scic Lift

  • Benessere Scic Lift
  • Benessere Scic Lift
  • Benessere Scic Lift
Product can be ready 08.10.2019
Product available
Manufacturer: I.SO Italia
Description: SCIC is the evolution of I.SO wellness equipment research, a panel which is able to fight the skin ageing using collagen lamps.Scic with an innovative and modern can perfectly fit in any kind of environment connected to wellbeing and tanning.Scic has 12 x 160W emitting a red/pink light collagen tubes with frequency at 633nm, they activates the body’s photobiostimulation process to improve the production of collagen and elastin which make skin more firm. Everything is controlled by an electronic system.
Functions: Anti glare LCD
4 Time Modes
Electronic Ventilation Control
Emergency Button
Digital and Mechanical Timers
Fastens on a ceiling
Options: Ceiling hook installation with remote control operated engine for lifting
Dimensions, cm: 1995 x 215 x 710
Power: 2 kW
Warranty period: 2 года

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